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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Directory



1. How will I list personal business?

Fill in the registration form online and verify your account. Once the first procedure is complete, you can enter a few details of the business and list your business.

2. How can I control my business listing?

Through Control Panel, business owners can edit or add the content of the business listing. It is a great way to access and modify your business.

3. Do I need to follow any business listing rules?

Yes, there are certain rules, which you need to follow while listing your business. Know the rules of the Business Directory and list your business accordingly.

4. How can I increase my business visibility?

The world of the internet, is the key to online visibility, we ensure the right marketing strategy is done to build your brand visibility.



1. What is the Business Directory?

The Business directory is your guide to find local businesses like beauty salons, pubs, grocery shops, restaurants, and fitness clubs. It is the best place to search for the right business and provide reviews. Very soon, our BUSINESS DIRECTORY APP will be launched to help maximize the customer potential for your business. All available with a simply click, right in the palm of your hands. Through the Business Directory, you can take advantage, like never before, in listing your business, updating it with new offers, discounts, articles and reviews.

2. Who will come through the Business Directory?

Potential customers wanting to know about nearby and competitive local businesses will come through the BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

3. Is the Business Directory user friendly for small business owners?

Yes, our systems are simplified to ensure everything you want to update is done with a simple click of a mouse.



1. How will I find the business?

Just type the name of business or relevant key words in the search box. The search engine give you the list of businesses with the particular name or category.

2. What will I do, if I do not know the name of the business?

You need to type the business category in the search box, like Restaurants or Beauty salons. You will get innumerable results to a particular category.

3. Which business is good for my choice?

You can get the detail description of the business, as well as the reviews of the businesses. This will give you a better idea, when making the right choice.



1. What is a review of a business?

You can share your experience about a particular business or service. Whether good or bad, your reviews can help the customers and business owners.

2. Will business owners comment on the review?

The business owners can share thoughts on your review. It is open to the business owner to share comments on the service of the business.

3. Am I secure at Business Directory?

Yes, our BUSINESS DIRECTORY ensures safety and security of your personal information.